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For NRIs with relative in INDIA / Rich Family

A bridge between NRIs/Rich Family and their relatives in INDIA. Well age Foundation is setting up a nationwide network of volunteers for looking after relatives of NRIs/Rich Family who are leaving alone in the country. Keeping in mind, circumstance of NRIs/Rich Family and their concerns for elderly relatives, well age foundation has devised a family support system model for elderly relatives living alone and keeps them physically as well as emotionally safe and secure. Well Age foundation has also developed communication and health care modules for elderly family members of NRIs/Rich Family. These models have been developed by experienced and well qualified professionals dealing with old age issues for many years.

What Well age provides to them:

  • Keep updated NRIs/Rich Family about the well being of there elderly family members.
  • Family support to elderly living alone by attaching a dedicated counselor to them as per there convenience and requirements.
  • Opportunities to engage themselves in activities of their choice to help them remain active and healthy.
  • Regular emotional support to disturbed elderly.
  • General assistance in day to day personal work.
  • Legal / Medial / Social Counseling as and when required.
  • Opportunity to avail best available services from a pool of well age services.
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Well Age's concentration throughout the years has moved from Welfare to Development. It advocates for senior amicable strategies and their execution thereof. It works as one with Senior Citizens Associations understanding senior needs working with and for them.

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