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“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” So start donating now for the special cause. You will receive a letter of thanks, Receipt for your contribution, a certificate Under Section 80(G) of income tax act and (if the contribution is of Rupees- 5000/- or more) details including photograph of the beneficiary who could be helped by your contributed amount.

Amount Particular Donate Now
1500/- Help a destitute elderly to get FOOD-RATION for a month.
2000/- Help two elderly to walk independently by providing walkers.
3500/- Help a destitute bed-ridden elderly to get ADULT DIPPERS and a bed pan for a month.
5000/- Help a needy older person to move around freely by providing a WHEEL-CHAIR.
Own Choice Make Donation According to You.We will update you what we do with Your Donation.

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Well Age Foundation

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Well Age's concentration throughout the years has moved from Welfare to Development. It advocates for senior amicable strategies and their execution thereof. It works as one with Senior Citizens Associations understanding senior needs working with and for them.

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