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Since there has been a gradual increase in the population aged 60 and older, a developing country like India is unable to cope with the needs and problems of its aged populations. While the government continues its efforts to introduce programs for the elderly, the non-governmental organization (NGOs) have played a key role in bringing to the forefront the socioeconomic and health problems of older people in the society at large. This paper looks at the role of the NGOs through their various welfare activities and beneficial programs in carving out a place for the elderly in India.

The work of Well Age India is highlighted to examine how voluntary organizations have worked in the field of aging in India and made an impact on the lives of the senior citizens, especially those below the poverty line who are economically and socially deprived.

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Well Age's concentration throughout the years has moved from Welfare to Development. It advocates for senior amicable strategies and their execution thereof. It works as one with Senior Citizens Associations understanding senior needs working with and for them.

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